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Warren Installations, Inc. (WI) was created by a technician for technicians and customers to provide a better work environment for both. WI was Incorporated in 2011 seeking to become a top service provider in the fleet safety aftermarket business. Today, we work to achieve this goal with hundreds of quality technicians based across North America. Our ongoing mission is to continue providing valued services to our customers and lots of great work for quality minded technicians.


Since our founding, we have installed safety systems in almost a million fleet vehicles. We have heard countless stories of how the equipment installed has saved lives and prevented and reduced the severity of vehicle collisions. From collision avoidance systems to event recorders and speed tracking devices, we have installed a large scope of quality brands.  We serve small customers with only a handful of vehicles and international customers with thousands of vehicles at thousands of locations. WI provides an environment for customers and technicians to work more efficiently and achieve a high level of success.


We built Warren Installations Inc to serve the world by installing and servicing products that make fleets safer. I loved performing this work myself and learning vehicles and systems of all types. In 2010, I experienced an increase in jobs and saw an opportunity for better services. I knew I had to form a company that would use reliable and skilled technicians to achieve further growth. It has been a long journey, but now we have one of the best installation networks in North America.

 Twelve years later I can reminisce on a lot of the lessons learned building the company. I learned, early, that customers and technicians both desire to build long term relationships; they desire truth and integrity with everything; and wish to feel secure that they made the right decision joining WI. Our team has built many friendships and relationships with manufacturers, customers and technicians and will continue to do so. We strive to make relationships that are happy to recommend us; not just as a company, but for the people we are.

- Robert L. Warren, President & CEO


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 We bring new ideas to the products and services we provide, whether in the office or in the field. Our goal is to improve quality and efficiency in the industry offering a seamless service for our customers. We have, from the beginning, always sought to make the field install as streamlined and efficient as possible. Over the years we have developed and patented custom harnesses, installation processes, hardware and so on. WI has a whole staging and kitting service now that continues to innovate solutions for our customers and our technicians. Ask us how we can help you improve your projects. 

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