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EDL- Electronic Driver Logs

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Electronic Driver Logs (EDL)

The U.S. Government has mandated that Electronic Driver Logs (EDL) be installed in all commercial vehicles over 26,000# in June of 2012 and signed into law by President Obama on July 6th, 2012 as part of the MAP-21 bill. This requires the FMCSA to complete the guidlines and rules by October 1st, 2015*1. All fleets will have to comply with the mandate by July 6th, 2015.

EDL basically stands for digital driver logs. This means no more paper logs for drivers to complete. An EDL will mean a driver uses an electronic device that is with him in the vehicle to record the time he is or is not driving while with the truck. The rules are still being defined as to what is required by manufacturers and how it will be enforced by law enforcement.

More than just EDL, these systems are integrating multiple technologies to help make a safer, happier truck driver. WI assists the different manufacturers in the integration of multiple technologies into smooth working systems. Some of these marriages include remote diagnostics, collision avoidance systems, driver awareness systems, two way cellular, satellite, bluetooth and Wi-Fi communications, and last but certainly not least, fuel saving technologies.

Several companies have already started implementing these technologies and say that it helps to streamline their processes, help them have safer fleets, give them more visibility and increase their bottom line.  These systems also help the owner maintain the fleet and keep more vehicles on the road with fewer breakdowns through remote-onboard diagnostics.

At WI, we’re well-acquainted with these products, and if asked, can help you choose the right one for your fleet, install, and implement it properly so that you can maintain compliance with the Government mandate and realize the many benefits that these systems actually provide.

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